As Turkey’s currency tumbles, contagion fears rise

Aug 10, 2018
Turkey’s currency, the lira, is in free fall. It’s been declining for months and today it reached a record low, down by as much as 18 percent. Part of the reason is Turkey’s bad relations with the United States. The two countries have been at odds lately over the detention of an American pastor. And […]
Turkish Lira currency is seen on November 21, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey.
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Americans do want tariff relief

Aug 3, 2018
Manufacturers and farmers we talked to are frustrated by the import taxes and the exemption process.
A worker is surrounded by sparks from molten steel flowing into casts at the TAMCO steel mini mill in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in 2002.
David McNew/Getty Images

Alcoa earnings will give a glimpse of the aluminum industry now that tariffs are in play

Jul 17, 2018
On Wednesday, we get second-quarter earnings from Alcoa, the major aluminum manufacturer. And that may offer clues about how the escalating trade battle is playing out for domestic manufacturers and workers now that tariffs on aluminum and steel are a reality. The United States is now charging 10 percent tariffs on imported aluminum from Canada, […]

As new tariffs are announced, Commerce Dept. faces crunch over exclusion applications

Jun 15, 2018
U.S. tariffs announced today will affect more than 800 products from China, everything from aircraft tires and boat motors to cranes and bulldozers. Government officials say they’ll give U.S. companies the chance to request that certain products they import from China be excluded from the tariffs. Already, thousands of companies have filed applications with the […]

Companies say they shouldn't pay tariffs on products no one makes domestically

May 4, 2018
"I don't think people really understand that the U.S. never ... reinvested in its steel-making ability," one executive says.
A worker stacks newly cast steel slabs at the NLMK Indiana mill in March in Portage, Indiana.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Trade to figure heavily in Merkel’s meeting with Trump

Apr 26, 2018
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with President Donald Trump tomorrow, just ahead of the May 1 deadline for averting the steel and aluminum tariffs the Trump administration announced last month. What is the German leader hoping to get from her talks with the president? Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

U.S. automakers could be headed down a rocky road

Apr 25, 2018
For years, low gas prices fueled sales of SUVs and pickup trucks, and low interest rates made it easier for car buyers to trade up every time some shiny new technology came along. But with gas prices and interest rates rising, and tariffs on imported aluminum and steel driving up costs, automakers are facing an […]

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EU is unhappy with U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs

Apr 24, 2018
When the United States imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports last month, the European Union and a handful of other key allies got a temporarily exemption that expires next week. China was not granted an exemption and took its case to the World Trade Organization. This week, the EU has decided to join that […]

Steel may be on the menu at the state dinner

Apr 24, 2018
French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for a permanent exemption from tariffs for the European Union.  Today will be the second day of Macron’s three-day state visit, and the biggest event will be the first state dinner since President Donald Trump took office 15 months ago. But it won’t be all glitz and glam. Macron […]

Whirlpool feels the benefit, and burden, of Trump administration tariffs

Apr 20, 2018
Critics of President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs say the policies hurt U.S. manufacturers that use a lot of those materials. And one industry likely to feel the pinch of higher production costs: home appliance manufacturers. Still, at least one major domestic appliance company, Whirlpool Corp., may come out ahead, thanks to another protective […]
Whirlpool appliances are offered for sale alongside other brands at a Home Depot store on October 24, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.
Scott Olson/Getty Images