Alaskans faced with the first recession in decades

Jul 13, 2016
The state has lost more than 2,000 jobs in the energy industry in the last year.
Since she was laid off from her job as a botanist at an oil and gas contractor, Rachel Mills has been working at restaurants in downtown Anchorage. 
Rachel Waldholz/Alaska’s Energy Desk.

Arctic drilling off Alaska is disappearing

May 10, 2016
Oil companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips, are largely walking away from many of their Arctic leases.
The tide comes in on a beach along the Chukchi Sea in Shishmaref, Alaska.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Alaska's annual dividend adds up for residents

Mar 16, 2016
Alaskan lawmakers struggling to close the gap are considering cuts to the dividend
Alaskans wait to file their Permanent Fund dividend applications in downtown Anchorage on March 
Rachel Waldholz

Iditarod rule change limits what mushers can say

Mar 11, 2016
Mushers can't make statements “injurious…to the best interests of the race”
Mushers in the Fur Rondy sprint race barrel down a hill in downtown Anchorage ahead of the official start of the race, part of a week of festivities leading up to the Iditarod.
Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media

Alaska zoo's challenge: keep patrons coming in winter

Feb 29, 2016
Most of the zoo's revenue last fiscal year came from admissions during the summer months.
At the Alaska Zoo, a behind-the-scenes tour is part of a special program called "Keeper for a Day."
Zachariah Hughes

Local Money: Alaska's LNG Project

Jan 8, 2016
Alaska's LNG Project could cost $65 billion — if it breaks ground.
A liquefied natural gas facility in Alaska.
USCG Press/flickr/Creative Commons

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Alaska's oil industry struggles amid climate change

Aug 31, 2015
Melting ice leads to more drilling, which leads to more warming and melting ....

Obama visits a state that lives climate change: Alaska

Aug 31, 2015
President Obama is visiting Alaska and the Arctic to talk about climate change.

Free shipping a boon for Alaska's Amazon customers

Jan 16, 2015
Rural Alaskans are taking advantage of Amazon Prime's free shipping.