Expect a boom in the business of supersonic flight

Feb 12, 2019
Companies are working on ways to bring back supersonic travel for commercial flights.
Federico Gambarini/AFP/Getty Images

Air miles sales increasingly bolster carriers’ profits

Apr 3, 2017
Flying can be a hassle nowadays, but when you pay for your flight with air miles, maybe that takes some of the sting out of it. It’s a sweet deal for the airlines too — some carriers could soon start…

Airlines worry security lines will hurt bottom lines

May 18, 2016
Airlines fret as security lines grow.
Passengers at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago wait in line to be screened at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Should congress rein in airline fees?

Aug 7, 2015
A new report is critical of airline pricing practices.

When horses fly

Jun 2, 2015
Leg room costs extra on flights, whether you have two feet or four.

Airlines use illusion to make coach seem more spacious

Dec 26, 2014
Airlines are trying to change your perception of cramped seating in coach by creating the impression of more room with larger video screens and new headrests.

Volcanic rumblings stir economic concerns

Aug 26, 2014
Activity at Iceland's Bardabunga volcano raises fear of flight restrictions.

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AT&T jumps on board with airplane Wi-Fi

Apr 30, 2014
Until this week, the in-flight internet business was dominated by Gogo.

It pays to be polite in-flight

Apr 18, 2014
Airfare Watchdog George Hobica tells us why it's worth being nice to flight attendants.
A Singapore Airlines (SIA) stewardess stands next to a display of the new Singapore Airlines First Class seat during their next generation cabin product launch in Singapore.

Tired of paying to check your bags? Here's one solution.

Jun 3, 2013
Paying for your airplane bags in bulk?