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The battle of the thermostat is really a battle of the sexes

Aug 29, 2018
We've got your comments on the workplace air conditioning wars.
Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Steel tariffs add upward pressure to HVAC costs

Aug 16, 2018
Texas residents struggle with heat and rising air-conditioning expenses.
Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Tech IRL: A smart way to stay cool

Aug 29, 2014
This week, a new app promises to control the air conditioning remotely.

A Venezuelan airport is charging for air. Yes, air.

Jul 11, 2014
The international airport in Caracas, Venezuela, is now charging for air.

A hot job? A/C repair during a heat wave

Jul 2, 2013
The heat continues to bear down on the Southwest United States. One business that is booming: air conditioner repair.

Are you for or against air conditioning?

Aug 3, 2012
Listeners told us their passionate opinions on air conditioning.
THE Holy Hand Grenade! / Creative Commons

Why some people have cooled off of air conditioning

Aug 1, 2012
A look at the bigger societal implications of air conditioning and why some Americans are against it.

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