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What would Medicaid work requirements mean for those who receive it?

Mar 21, 2017
On Thursday night, the House is expected to vote on a bill to repeal Obamacare. The only hurdle is Republicans themselves. House leaders are desperate to get enough conservatives on board to get the bill to the Senate, so last night they made some changes to it. One sweetener: letting states add work requirements to […]

Weekly Wrap: Janet Yellen and Donald Trump's economic plans

Mar 17, 2017
Nela Richardson of Redfin and Cardiff Garcia of FT Alphaville join us for the Weekly Wrap to discuss the week’s business and economic news. This week is all about Janet Yellen and Donald Trump. While Yellen’s Federal Reserve increased interest rates, Trump released his budget proposal aimed at cutting funds for government agencies and increasing […]
Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman Janet Yellen announced this week the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates.
Win McNamee/Getty Images