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What does "overqualified" really mean in hiring?

Jan 18, 2024
With the share of older people in the workforce growing, maybe it's time to rethink the label.
"The reality is that 'overqualified' is often a code word for too old," says Dana Siomkos, founder and CEO of recruiting firm You and Them. As more young people move into managerial roles, older job searchers are having trouble getting hired.
skynesher/Getty Images

Why the labor shortage may go on for much longer

Nov 3, 2021
University of Minnesota Professor Alfred Marcus says aging workforce issues will translate into longer labor shortages.
An aging workforce could mean labor shortages could last longer.
BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images

Chinese citizens greet new 3-child policy with humor

Jun 21, 2021
Women in China have taken to social media to push back against having one more child.
A father with his son on a low-cost train heading into the Chinese countryside. People in rural China cite the cost of raising a child as a main reason they don't want to have more children.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

The one-child policy is history, but rules in China still restrict families

Oct 13, 2020
Some Chinese couples aren't interested in having more than one child, while unmarried woman aren't allowed to have children at all.
Zhuang Mengyi left a good job in Beijing to raise her son in the cheaper countryside.
Jennifer Pak/Marketplace

Cost of child rearing in China hinders baby boom

Oct 9, 2020
Besides the high costs of raising children, the cost of living is often cited as one of the key deterrents for young parents.
Fang Zixian and his abundance of toys — the first generation in his family to have such items.
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What the jobs report doesn't tell you

Jan 23, 2019
Javier Cobo knows that people don't always re-enter the workforce by choice.
The good numbers in the December jobs report don't tell the whole story.
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Maine’s university system tries to help with an impending labor shortage

Dec 20, 2017
The schools are sharing resources to train more people for jobs.
Freshman Phillip Parent lines up metal weights in an introductory physics class at the University of Maine at Machias. The class is part of a partnership between the state’s universities.
Robbie Feinberg/ for Marketplace

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