Health care tops voter concerns in the midterm election

Nov 7, 2018
Major issues for voters in the 2018 election were health care, immigration and the economy.

The midterms were about the economy, too

Nov 7, 2018
The strong economy may not have been the most popular talking point for politicians, but for voters it still mattered plenty.

In the most expensive midterms, money doesn't always go to tight races

Nov 5, 2018
A largely safe GOP district in California draws the most money for a House race. Why?
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Candidates weigh last-minute spending decisions before midterms

Nov 2, 2018
Campaigns entered the final stretch with record amounts of cash, but must strike a delicate balance of how much to spend in order to win.
U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Beto O’Rourke talks to supporters during a campaign rally at Harvest Run Park November 2, 2018 in Carrollton, Texas. 
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There is more proof some very big money is behind the midterm elections

Oct 15, 2018
More women are contributing money, and more of that money is backing female candidates.
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For public good, not for profit.

Running for office? Perfect the art of the ask

Sep 25, 2018
It takes money to run a campaign and first-time candidates have to learn how to ask for it.
Campaign stickers, buttons and other materials for first-time Democratic congressional candidate Vangie Williams. Williams is a first-time candidate running in Virginia's first congressional district. One of the many things first-time candidates have to learn is how to ask for money.
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First-time candidates rush to staff up for the elections

Aug 28, 2018
With hundreds of first-time candidates on the ballot across the country this year, many are learning the ropes of campaigning as they go.
Kerri Evelyn Harris and staff decorate their new campaign headquarters ahead of an opening celebration.
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Why election security experts really like paper records

Aug 22, 2018
Our aging voting systems are vulnerable, but can Congress act fast enough to be effective?
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