Season 1 | Episode 25.1
Dec 26, 2019

When money makes it weird (rerun)

Reema tries to settle a debt she’s been avoiding. And what happens when one person in a relationship has way more money?

This Is Uncomfortable” will be back with new episodes in 2020. In the meantime, we’re periodically airing some of our favorite stories.

When Shawnika Giger met Terence McPherson, she was $40,000 in debt. But that’s not something she brought up with Terence. She didn’t even really share it with her family.

But as they fell deeper in love, money crept into their lives, becoming a pesky third wheel. By the time they moved in together, Nika’s student debt was around $100,000.

This week, we find out what happens when one person in a relationship has most of the money — and a lot of the power.

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