Season 1 | Episode 21
Oct 31, 2019

Money horror stories

This Halloween, we have listeners' frightening stories of impulse buys, secret spending, spooky scams and a very Hungry Heart.

For the past couple weeks, our mentions have been a literal nightmare.

We asked listeners to share their biggest money horror stories — you know, the financial choices that are still haunting them or the spending secrets they hope to take to the grave. 

And the responses do not disappoint. 

This week, you’ll hear plenty of tales of scams, debt and poor financial planning. Including:

A middle schooler who traded his most precious possession for a cafeteria meal!

The outdoorsy couple under a scammer’s spell!

A heart that grew way too hungry!

Ghosts of old relationships, lingering long after a breakup!

A woman trapped in the thrall of a killer employee discount!

And of course, the invisible menace haunting more than 44 million people in this country: student loan debt!

So join us, if you dare. Still not spooked? We’ve collected even more stories here. And if the podcast inspires you to tell us your own scary money story, fill out the form below.

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