Season 3 | Episode 6
Oct 29, 2020

Money horror stories III: the ghost of purchases past

This Halloween, we have listeners' spooky stories about good ideas gone bad, from giving a hormonal teen a debit card to getting into business with a scammer. Plus, a Backstreet Boys obsession that goes awry.

Sometimes you make an investment and it just doesn’t pay off. Other times, it comes back to haunt you.

That’s the theme of this year’s Halloween episode, our third collection of your money horror stories. Previous episodes have covered lightning strikes and purchases made while sleepwalking, ruthless scammers and (gasp) ghosts of old relationships.

In this episode, we’ll meet a woman whose teen’s new debit card took him to dirty parts of the internet. Then, there’s the young woman whose Backstreet Boys obsession still haunts her to this day. Plus, a couple who got scammed, turning a business decision into a real-life horror movie marathon. 

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