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Love in the time of coronavirus
Apr 2, 2020
Season 2 | Episode 10

Love in the time of coronavirus

There are a lot of couples stuck at home right now. Some of them are out of work or dealing with canceled plans. Today, we'll hear from two couples whose relationships are being tested.

The cancellations first started coming a month ago.

First an aunt and uncle who’d just gotten back from a cruise, then after a couple weeks, the mother of the bride. Then the venue, plus a shelter-in-place order from the city. Mina Hughes and Seth Anderson’s wedding, set for this Saturday, was off.

“Yeah, that’s a pretty raw feeling,” Anderson said. “It just kind of left us reeling for a little while there.”

On top of it all, Hughes was out of work, furloughed because of COVID-19. Anderson threw out an idea: We’re in love, why don’t we just get married at the court house? That’s when the fighting started.

The coronavirus pandemic means a lot couples are suddenly quarantined with each other, home every minute of the day. That’s putting pressure on relationships, especially as the pandemic creates new financial problems.

Along with Hughes and Anderson, we’ll hear from another couple whose communication strategies are being tested by the virus and work.

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