Join our Uncomfortable book club!
Jun 7, 2024
Season 9

Join our Uncomfortable book club!

Every other week all summer long we're talking with some of the coolest authors out there about life and how money messes with it.

Hey y’all! We’re working on a new season coming at you this August, but over the summer we’re trying something new: The Uncomfortable book club! Every other week our newsletter will showcase a book that made us think differently about life and how money messes with it. All the details are in this episode, and when you sign up before June 15 at, you’ll be entered to win some merch from the show. Happy reading!

Hey everyone, it’s Reema. 

So the team and I are hard at work on a new season of This Is Uncomfortable — our tenth season. That’s coming out in August, but before then we’re trying something new that we’re really excited about… 

All summer, we’re digging into more stories about life and how money messes with it, with our first ever Uncomfortable Book Club!  

Every other week, our newsletter will showcase a different book that’ll make you rethink your relationship to things like money, class, work and more … and we’ll include an exclusive author interview! 

Sign up at MARKETPLACE.ORG/BOOK CLUB to get every highly curated, super Uncomfortable selection straight to your inbox. 

It’s kind of like those summer reading challenges your library would do … except for we’re not throwing a pizza party… But we do have prizes!  

And no matter what genre you like to read, we have a book for everyone to love.  

We’ve got… 

  • Page-turning sci-fi in Naomi Alderman’s “The Future”  
  • Smart money tips from “Finance for the People” by Paco de Leon 
  • We dig into Hilary Leichter’s absurd workplace comedy, “Temporary”  
  • We look back to the classic “A Passage to India,” by E.M. Forster 
  • We explore food inequality in “How the Other Half Eats” by Priya Fielding-Singh 
  • And we delve into “All This Could Be Different” … a queer immigrant coming-of-age story from Sarah Thankam  Mathews 

We’ll go deep with all those authors in our newsletter and pull some curated stories from our back catalog to go with each conversation.  

And as always, we end each newsletter with great recommendations on what our team is watching, reading, cooking and listening to.  

So, join our summer book club for FREE at! You can check out past issues there, too. 

And I should say, if you sign up between now and June 15, you’ll be entered to win some This Is Uncomfortable merch. 

So be sure to sign up, read along with us, get a t-shirt. It’s all free, and it’s all at! 

Happy reading! I’ll catch you soon. 

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