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Jun 27, 2019
Season 1 | Episode 3


Reema explores the "jobs" we take on in our families — starting with her own. Plus, one couple comes up with a creative way to stop fighting over a dreaded household chore.

Maybe you’re the cook or the financial planner. Or the keeper of peace on Thanksgiving.

We all do some kind of labor at home. We don’t usually get paid for it — and we probably aren’t asking to — but that work can be really important to the financial and emotional well-being of our families.

First, Reema Khrais talks with her dad about the two decades she’s spent as the family translator and copy editor. Then we hear from Alexis and Curtis, a couple who would bicker every night over when to do the dishes, that is, until Alexis’ mother proposed a unique solution.

And our listeners tell us the jobs they do in their families.

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