Season 3 | Episode 3.1
Oct 8, 2020

Divorce story (rerun), plus a request for your help!

Money gets complicated when a marriage falls apart. Also, we're looking for your stories about relationships and money.

We’re off this week working on some reporting. One of the episodes we’re making is about relationships and money, and we’re seeking your stories! More information below. To get you in that head space, we’re rerunning one of our favorite stories from last season.

January tends to be a busy month for divorce lawyers.

“This is, so far, the busiest month of my career,” said attorney Beatrice Leong. Why? “New Year’s resolution, probably,” Leong said. “You know, you lose weight, lose your kind of bum spouse.”

Usually when people get married, it represents a contract between two people to begin operating as a unit. That new reality affects decisions made every single day: where you live, what you do with your money, your career decisions. If that contract falls apart, things get really complicated, really fast.

That’s what we’re talking about on our first new show of the year. Leong takes us inside her own years-in-the-making divorce — where she represented herself. And we meet a couple who got an education in prenuptial agreements. They aren’t just for the rich and famous, but that doesn’t make it any less weird to haggle with someone you love over money you don’t even have yet.

Finally: Have you hidden a purchase, some funds or anything else money related from your partner? We’re working on an episode about that, and whether you were casually dating or married, we want to hear about it! Give us a call at 347-RING-TIU (347-746-4848), or fill out the form below.

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