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“Million Bazillion” is back June 21!
Jun 14, 2022
Season 3

“Million Bazillion” is back June 21!

We have a new friend joining us to answer your kids' toughest questions about money. Listen to the trailer now!

Calling all Bazillionaires! “Million Bazillion” is back with a brand-new season starting June 21!

Bridget has a new co-host named Ryan, and together they’re taking on the toughest money questions your kids can think of. Questions like: How do credit cards work? What do grown-ups do with all of their money? How do social media influencers make money? And what the heck is a cryptocurrency anyway?

Each episode comes with discussion questions, tip sheets for grown-ups and comics to keep the fun going and apply what kids are learning in the real world.

We’re back helping dollars make more sense every Tuesday starting June 21. Listen to a sneak peek above, and be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

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It’s official: kids love “Million Bazillion®!” From fun, creative lessons about trade to silly skits about the foundation of our economy, our team is committed to making kids and their families smarter about all things money.

We know you wish you had this podcast when you were a kid—and now you can make it possible for a child in your life.

Support “Million Bazillion®” in any amount to make financial literacy accessible for the next generation.

The team

Ryan Perez Ryan Perez
Bridget Bodnar Senior Producer
Sanden Totten Editor
Tony Wagner Digital Producer
Tony Wagner Digital Producer
Donna Tam Executive Director of On-Demand
Chris Julin Sound designer
Jasmine Romero Editor
Bekah Wineman Media producer
Marissa Cabrera Producer
Tiffany Bui Intern

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