Jul 14, 2020

Introducing Million Bazillion!

We help dollars make more sense. First episode comes out July 21!

Moola! Cheddar! Smackeroos! We have a lot of nicknames for money. And that’s nothing compared to the questions that kids (and sometimes the adults in their lives) have about it!

Questions like: Who invented money? How might you get your parents to agree to buy something you want? How do advertisers make you want what they’re selling — and how do you take your brain back? And why do things like pizza cost what they do?

“Million Bazillion,” a collaboration with “Brains On!” is Marketplace’s first-ever podcast for kids. Host Jed Kim will answer the sometimes awkward, sometimes surprising questions kids have about money.

Along the way, Jed will get some help from super-smart experts, kids and famous friends like Kristen Bell and LeVar Burton.

New episodes come out weekly starting July 21. Listen to our trailer and be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss it!

Million Bazillion is made possible in part by The Ranzetta Family Charitable Fund and Next Gen Personal Finance, supporting Marketplace’s work to make younger audiences smarter about the economy.

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“Million Bazillion” is Marketplace’s first podcast just for kids that answers the awkward, and sometimes surprising questions that they have about money through fun skits and a lot of creativity.

We hope that you and the kids in your life are having some good conversations about money thanks to this podcast – and that you’ll help us continue making it with your donation today.

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The team

Jed Kim Host
Bridget Bodnar Senior Producer
Ben Tolliday Sound designer
Sanden Totten Editor
Erica Phillips Writer/Producer
Tony Wagner Digital Producer
Sitara Nieves Executive Director of On-Demand

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