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How does the economy work? (and other important money questions)
May 14, 2024
Season 6 | Episode 6

How does the economy work? (and other important money questions)

You've got money questions, we've got money answers!

It’s a big day for Ryan and Bridget. They’re hosting their first ever live call-in radio show to answer listeners’ questions. After some awkward stumbles in the studio, they’ll explain how the economy works, why we use money, why some stores give out coupons and why the symbol for dollars ($) is an S with a line through it.

All good questions! It’s going to be a jam-packed episode!

Tips for grownups listening to “Million Bazillion” with kids

Money Talks

After you listen to the episode, here are some questions you can ask your kid listener to see how much they learned:

  1. What’s one big reason we use the type of money we do?
  2. Have you ever used coupons to buy a product? If so, what did you buy and how much money did you save? Did you buy that item again at its non-discount price?
  3. Based on how your at-home economy feels, how do you think the broader U.S. economy is doing?
  4. *Bonus* Not-So-Random Question: If you could design a new symbol for money, what would it look like?

Tip Jar

For listeners who want to keep learning more about the economy, we’ve got ideas!

  • To learn more about where money comes from, check out our very first episode of Million Bazillion.
  • If you want to learn about the origins of the American dollar and the influence of the Spanish silver dollar, check out this history (with pictures!) of U.S. currency from the U.S. Currency Education Program at the Federal Reserve.
  • And if you want to dive deeper into dollar and coin symbols, take a look at this episode of “Million Bazillion” in which Bridget and Ryan travel to Washington, D.C., to figure out why different countries use different currencies.
  • In this episode, we learned that stores give discount coupons to customers in the hope that they’ll eventually buy the product at full price. If you want to start couponing to save money, check out this beginner’s guide from NerdWallet.

Gimme 5

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