Honey vs. Pickles (from “Smash Boom Best”)
Aug 26, 2021
Season 2

Honey vs. Pickles (from “Smash Boom Best”)

Jed goes up against journalist Anna Weggel in this sweet and salty showdown.

Hi Million Bazillionaires! We’re all done with this season of “Million Bazillion,” but today, we want to share another show our host Jed is a part of: “Smash Boom Best!”

In this episode, two iconic foods go jar-to-jar in a fearsome flavor feud. It’s honey vs. pickles! Jed goes up against journalist Anna Weggel in this sweet and salty showdown. Which team dill prevail? Vote to tell us who you think won at smashboom.org.

“Smash Boom Best” is a debate show for kids and families from the makers of the award-winning podcast, Brains On!” Every episode, two talented debaters take sides in a high-octane (and highly subjective!) debate like pizza vs. tacos or unicorns vs. dragons, and a teen judge chooses the winner.

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The team

Jed Kim Host
Bridget Bodnar Senior Producer
Sanden Totten Editor
Erica Phillips Writer/Producer
Tony Wagner Digital Producer
Sitara Nieves Executive Director of On-Demand
Chris Julin Sound designer

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