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Workforce-ready women face down COVID-19 gap on resumes

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A mother and her son work at a dining room table.

Resume gaps may take on a different meaning post-COVID, especially for working parents whose family responsibilities increased. Oli Scarff/AFP via Getty Images

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Uneven state unemployment rates show different recovery arcs

by Kristin Schwab Jul 8, 2021
Many of the states with the lowest unemployment rates have young workforces and multifaceted economies.

As eviction deadline looms, more tenants have access to legal help

by Amy Scott Jul 8, 2021
Several cities and states have passed "right to counsel" legislation.
Workplace Culture

With COVID gaps on millions of resumes, do they still carry stigma?

by Meghan McCarty Carino Jul 8, 2021
Greater acceptance for career pauses could benefit moms.

Consumers are gravitating back to plastic for spending splurges

by Matt Levin Jul 8, 2021
The Federal Reserve said total consumer credit rose by 10% in May. And lenders issued roughly 6 million new credit cards in March, according to Equifax.

For Kate Bellino, a cross-country move made all the difference

Kate Bellino, who has been profiled in Marketplace’s “United States of Work” series, reevaluate what she wanted to get out of her career during the pandemic. So, she moved from Colorado to D.C., where she now works as a congressional staffer. “It takes a lot of courage to up your life and start over, but I think if there’s a time to do it, it’s now,” she said.

Pandemics, plagues and innovation in history: the striking parallels between COVID-19 and the Black Death

by Scott Tong Jul 8, 2021
There are some economic lessons to be learned from society's handling of the infamous plague of the 14th century.

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