Will mortgage rates follow bond yields down?
Jun 18, 2024

Will mortgage rates follow bond yields down?

That could push prospective homeowners to buy. Plus, how the war in Ukraine made a Norwegian village the premier exporter of king crab.

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A drop in bond yields could signal a long-awaited break for would-be homebuyers

Jun 18, 2024
Falling interest rates on Treasuries could lead to lower mortgage rates, which are key to a recovery in the housing market.
While moderately lower rates may push some prospective buyers to jump in, rates may have to fall a lot before current homeowners give up their pre-2022 mortgages.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

For businesses, dealing with counterfeit goods is a game of Whac-A-Mole

Jun 18, 2024
The rise of third party sellers on sites like Amazon and Temu make it easier for people to sell fakes.
In April of 2024, Holtschlag's lawyers found 500 copycat planters — some were going for just 99 cents. Her product retails for $20.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Buy now, pay later programs — useful tool or slippery slope?

Jun 18, 2024
At a time of high prices and interest rates, BNPL offerings are tempting. But they could lead vulnerable consumers into a debt spiral.
BNPL users generally carry more debt and have less money in the bank, according to research from the Boston Fed.
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Cocoa and sugar costs are way up, says this chocolate shop owner

Kristin Thalheimer Bingham, co-owner of Dean Sweets in Portland, Maine, gives a dispatch ahead of the summer slow season.

As EV sales growth slows, the industry faces bankruptcies and new challenges

Jun 18, 2024
Fisker filed for bankruptcy, underscoring the electric vehicle market's troubles. More options and standardization may help.
Among drivers of gasoline-powered cars, EV sticker prices and range limitations are key concerns about switching. Above, Fisker vehicle chargers.
Jay L. Clendenin/Getty Images

How the war in Ukraine created a new kingdom of king crab

Jun 18, 2024
Demand for alternatives to Russian exports, including seafood, has given this Norwegian fishing village a big economic boost.
King crabs caught in the waters off Bugøynes, Norway, in 2002. More recently, sanctions on Russian seafood products have boosted demand for the village's catch.
Jan-Morten Bjornbakk/AFP via Getty Images

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