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Will an expanded child tax credit  solve the “she-cession”?
Mar 9, 2021

Will an expanded child tax credit solve the “she-cession”?

More than 2 million women have left the workforce since the start of 2020, and many did so to care for children. Plus, why Unilever will stop using the word "normal" on its products.

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U.S. bond auction will test if yields are high enough to attract buyers

Mar 9, 2021
The government needs to plow out of a lot of debt from previous COVID-19 rescue packages and the potential $1.9 trillion in additional aid.
On Wednesday, the government will auction 10-year Treasury notes. But demand for government bonds has not been so hot lately.
Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

Women are still having to choose between a job and child care

Mar 9, 2021
The American Rescue Plan includes a monthly child tax credit, but it's not enough to pay for full-time child care in most states.
Women's participation in the workforce is at a record low. Unaffordable child care and pay inequity are some of the reasons why.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Is a virtual SXSW worth the price of admission?

Mar 9, 2021
Austin’s business community is rooting for South by Southwest to get through this pandemic after being canceled last year.
In 2020, the South by Southwest festival was canceled because of the coronavirus. Organizers can't predict how many people will attend this year's upcoming event.
Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP via Getty Images

What's "normal"? Unilever decides to stop using the word.

Mar 9, 2021
The consumer-products giant will no longer use the term to describe skin or hair care brands such as Dove, Axe and Vaseline.
Black and brown women have often been told that their hair and skin are not "normal." Will Unilever's eliminating the term make a difference?
GlobalStock/Getty Images

Higher U.S. postage rates send vendors in China scrambling

Mar 9, 2021
The U.S. set higher postage rates last year. E-commerce sellers in China are still scrambling to deal with the change.
A seemingly small change like the U.S. raising postage rates for mail from abroad jolted Chinese firms that sell to Americans.
Peter Parks/AFP via Getty Images

Seattle retailer reflects on a year without in-person shopping

Mar 9, 2021
Things still feel strange for Cat Wilcox, co-owner of women's boutique Velouria. She misses day-to-day interactions with customers.
A store owner opens her clothing shop in Germany on March 9 as lockdown measures ease.
Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Why self-driving cars are designed to look like overgrown toys

Mar 9, 2021
To make customers comfortable with mobile robots, companies are designing in approachability and familiarity.
This Nuro vehicle is built to transport packages, not people.

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