Why your savings account’s interest rates are trailing the Fed’s
Sep 16, 2022

Why your savings account’s interest rates are trailing the Fed’s

Despite rate hikes, the average interest rate on a savings account is a paltry 0.13%. Why? We'll also take a data deep dive during the Weekly Wrap.

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The Weekly Wrap

Marketplace host Amy Scott discusses about this week’s barrage of economic data with Sudeep Reddy at Politico and Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post.

Why has it taken so long for savings account interest rates to start rising?

Sep 16, 2022
The national average is still a paltry 0.13%, according to Bankrate, even as the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates.
Online banks tend to pay the highest rates on savings accounts because they don't have the same overhead costs as brick-and-mortar banks.
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Unprecedented toxic algal bloom kills thousands of fish across the San Francisco Bay

Sep 16, 2022
Preventing the next disastrous red tide in the Bay Area could cost billions of dollars.
Hundreds of dead fish are seen floating in the waters of Lake Merritt, connected to the San Francisco Bay by an estuary, on Aug. 30.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

FedEx says shipping volume is down. That's a bad sign for the global economy.

Sep 16, 2022
The company's CEO thinks it is a sign of an impending global recession. One analyst says some of the decrease in volume is "self-inflicted."
FedEx said it will be reducing the frequency of its flights and closing more than 90 FedEx Office locations.
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The buzz behind TikTok's viral beekeeping and bee removal business

Sep 16, 2022
Erika Thompson owns Texas Bee Works, a beekeeping and bee removal company. Like other small businesses, inflation is adding new challenges.
"I had a [TikTok] video of me doing a bee removal that went viral," says beekeeper Erika Thompson. "And that was the first time my life sort of changed."
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