Why the bond market is an economic crystal ball
Feb 22, 2023

Why the bond market is an economic crystal ball

The bond market is trying to predict the economic future. What is it telling us? Plus, a flower company's less-than-rosy Valentine's Day.

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Interest rates on U.S. bonds are economic crystal balls — if you know how to read them

Feb 22, 2023
The markets that set the yield on bonds are trying to predict the economic future.
Yields for government debt like Treasury notes are set by where the market thinks the economy is headed.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

More stores are accepting SNAP benefits for online grocery orders

Feb 22, 2023
Here's why it took a pandemic to make it happen, and why the practice is probably here to stay.
Until recently, most grocery stores weren’t accepting SNAP online. But now retailers like Walmart, Amazon and recently Wegmans have begun to.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“It wasn’t what we wanted, but its what we expected”

Feb 22, 2023
A flower company CEO reflects on a shifting economic landscape.
Christina Stembel, CEO of Farmgirl Flower, an online flower delivery company.
Photo by Anna-Alexia Basille

Why are more and more public school principals quitting their jobs?

Feb 22, 2023
A Rand survey finds that 16% of public school principals retired or quit in the 2021-22 school year, more than double the rate from the year before.
School principals have increasingly been at the center of polarizing debates over issues like masking.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

The LA distillery ginning up business in the non-alcoholic spirit market

Feb 22, 2023
In 2022, over two-thirds of Greenbar Distillery's sales were in the non-alcoholic market. For owners Litty Mathew and Melkon Khosrovian, that means that non-alcoholic drinks are going to be part of their future.
Greenbar Distillery has been making spirits in downtown Los Angeles for nearly 19 years, but now the company is taking on a new market: non-alcoholic spirits.
Sean McHenry/Maketplace

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