Why so miserable?
Jun 25, 2024

Why so miserable?

Experts tell us why consumers feel anxious about the economy while the data shows it's thriving. Plus, a U.K. honey business talks bees and Brexit.

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Economic data is looking good. So why the glum vibes?

Jun 25, 2024
Unemployment is near record lows, GDP is growing, inflation has been trending down, wages are up. But in spite of it all, people are feeling bad.
One reason for all the economic angst? A very positive reference point from earlier in the pandemic might make some consumers feel like nothing will compare.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why most of the world still uses the U.S. dollar to buy and sell oil

Jun 25, 2024
The scale, liquidity and stability of U.S. financial markets are partly behind the phenomenon.
Safe, liquid markets in the United States is a key reason most countries buy oil — and many other commodities — with dollars.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

For this London honey seller, the buzz is about British bees

Jun 25, 2024
Business is strong for Samantha Wallace. But she's dealing with complicated import rules and seeking the right varieties of domestic honey.
A bee collects nectar from lavender in Knutsford, England. "Our passion is honey," says Samantha Wallace, who values "the diversity of flavor."
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Does the federal minimum wage still matter?

Jun 25, 2024
The federal floor is $7.25 an hour — but only around 1% of workers are paid that little. Several states and cities will hike their minimums July 1.
David McNew/Getty Images

Climate change forces third-generation fisherman to rethink this year

Jun 25, 2024
Warming ocean temperatures affect albacore tuna’s migratory patterns, and that’s made it more difficult for local fishermen to make a living catching them.
Scott Hawkins photographs his crew, including his sons, Wyatt (left, blue helmet) and Colton (front, red jacket), with dozens of albacore tuna they caught in minutes.
Courtesy Scott Hawkins

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