Why “eat the rich” storylines are everywhere now
Feb 15, 2023

Why “eat the rich” storylines are everywhere now

America has always been obsessed with wealth, but Hollywood's cynicism is growing. Why? Plus, when rug-cleaning videos mean extra revenue.

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What recession fears? Consumers shopped up a storm in January

Feb 15, 2023
We spent despite being whipsawed by economic news. Raises and slowing inflation helped.
Because of a surplus of inventory, consumers can continue to expect markdowns from retailers.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

As mortgage rates rise, so have all-cash offers for homes

Feb 15, 2023
Some people are selling expensive homes and using the cash proceeds to buy more affordable ones. How does that hurt first-time buyers?
Paying cash for homes is a growing trend.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

It can be harder for seniors to get mortgages, research shows

Feb 15, 2023
Many older people have lower incomes and less time to pay off loans than younger counterparts, making lenders hesitant.
Older homeowners may be denied refinancings or new mortgages because of high debt-to-income ratios or other financial factors, according to Linna Zhu at the Urban Institute.
Westersoe/Getty Images

How ASMR videos earn bonus revenue for this cleaning company

Feb 15, 2023
“It has become so easy,” said Samad Abdulai, owner of C3 Laundry Services.
Samad Adbulai, owner of C3 Laundry Services in Accra, Ghana, is seen with a truck full of rugs.
Courtesy Abdulai

Why Tesla is opening its charging network to other EVs

Feb 15, 2023
Federal subsidies, part of the White House's electric vehicle push, aren't the only way Tesla stands to make money on the expansion.
The White House is providing subsidies to Tesla to charge other makers' vehicles, potentially generating multiple income streams for the carmaker.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why "eat the rich" storylines are taking over TV and movies

Feb 15, 2023
Society's evolving views of the wealthy have brought dark humor to pop culture.
Jennifer Coolidge, seen here at "The White Lotus" season 2 premiere, became a fan favorite for her performance in the "eat-the-rich" series.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

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