Where does returned merchandise go?
Aug 8, 2019

Where does returned merchandise go?

Plus: How the trade war is affecting food and the growing business of clothes rentals.

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The trade war’s only the latest problem facing America's dairy industry

Aug 8, 2019
Even before the trade war began, American dairy farms were dealing with low prices and oversupply throughout the global market.
Cows wait to be milked at the Faria Dairy Farm in 2009 in Escalon, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Resellers find treasure in online returns

Aug 8, 2019
Ever wondered where your online returns go? They may be fueling new resale businesses.
Naveed Ahmed uses his living room to sort through returned merchandise from pallets he bids on online. He says he makes between $150 and $200 in profit on each pallet he buys.
Leila Goldstein/Marketplace

Life after high school

Aug 8, 2019
A college counselor who helps kids navigate life after high school
Students walk on the campus of UCLA
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kraft Heinz loses millions in "goodwill." What does that mean?

Aug 8, 2019
In the corporate sense, “goodwill” is a certain je ne sais quoi — those hard-to-pin down assets above and beyond what is more easily identifiable.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

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