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When are markets gonna react to the debt limit drama?
May 9, 2023

When are markets gonna react to the debt limit drama?

So far, Wall Street has largely ignored the debt ceiling fight in Washington. Plus, media companies welcome a potential uptick in ad spending.

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The markets are taking debt limit uncertainty in stride — for now

May 9, 2023
Stock markets aren't upset by the debt limit debate. But that could change as the June 1 default deadline draws closer, analysts say.
The stock market doesn't have a lot to react to because little is happening in terms of raising the debt limit, says Ian Dew-Becker, a finance professor at Northwestern University. Above, a trader at the New York Stock Exchange.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Let's dive into the SLOOS

We hear from Cara McDaniel of Arizona State University about what to make of the the latest release of the Federal Reserve’s Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on bank lending practices, otherwise known as SLOOS.

Why inflation runs hottest in the Mountain West

May 9, 2023
Last month, the CPI pegged area inflation at 6% year-over-year, a whole percentage point higher than the national average.
The cost of housing accounts for a third of the CPI. With the flexibility of remote work, many people have moved to the Mountain West, raising prices for locals.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A wetter winter raised hopes for better yield in the Corn Belt

May 9, 2023
"Prices have stayed strong," reports Keith Alverson, a South Dakota farmer whose financial management includes trading grain electronically.
While some farmers pay brokers to track prices and trade grain, others skip the middleman.
Mark Hirsch/Getty Images

Some advertisers say they're ready to spend again — and media platforms stand to gain

May 9, 2023
Many platforms saw declines in ad revenue over the past year and had to cut costs and staff. Now there's optimism about a rebound.
"Whether it's television, cable, streaming, as well as audio, any company that accepts advertising will benefit," says media analyst Jessica Reif Ehrlich.
Martin Bureau/AFP via Getty Images

Remote mental health treatment boomed during the pandemic. It's still going strong.

May 9, 2023
Thanks to pandemic-era changes, many insurers and providers now support expanded telemental health services.
While a lot of medical care that went remote during the pandemic has returned to in-person services, more than a third of mental health care is still delivered via video, phone and apps.
Anchiy/Getty Images

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