What could happen if Israel severs banking ties with the Palestinian economy
May 28, 2024

What could happen if Israel severs banking ties with the Palestinian economy

Despite decades of conflict, the two economies are intertwined. The U.S. has warned that ending the relationship would be disastrous.

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Home prices have reached new records, yet consumer confidence rose. What gives?

May 28, 2024
Turns out what we're seeing may not be optimism as much as less pessimism.
Plans to buy a new home in the next six months were "at one of the lowest levels that it’s been, I think, in the history of the Consumer Confidence Index,” says Brian Connolly of the University of Michigan.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

What, exactly, does "cost of living" mean — and how is it calculated?

May 28, 2024
There are many different metrics out there that may not be entirely applicable across locales.
Some employers use cost of living calculations to set salaries and benefits or to decide  whether to expand into a new area.
skynesher/Getty Images

Farming is "not easy and it's a lot of risk," says Iowa soybean producer

"Soybeans are down 18 cents today and then they could go up 50 tomorrow. Who knows?" said April Hemmes, a soybean farmer in Iowa.
Heavy rains have meant some farmers have had to replant hundreds of acres, says farmer April Hemmes.
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Possible severing of Israeli-Palestinian banking ties stirs worries

May 28, 2024
If the Israeli finance minister's threat is carried out, the Palestinian economy — and the Palestinian Authority — could be starved of revenue.
Vandalized aid trucks on the Israeli side of a barrier with the West Bank. Before the Hamas attack of Oct. 7, many more Palestinians earned paychecks by working in Israel.
Oren Ziv/AFP via Getty Images

Are we in the midst of a climate housing bubble?

May 28, 2024
Experts warn rising insurance costs could depress property values in risky areas.
Dave Burt at DeltaTerra Capital thinks the market is due for another correction, as homeowners in places with a growing risk of flooding and wildfire have to pay more for insurance.
Lauren Owens Lambert/AFP via Getty Images

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