What a city gave up to attract auto jobs
Aug 14, 2019

What a city gave up to attract auto jobs

Plus, we'll do the numbers on today's huge Dow drop, WeWork's IPO and the yield curve inversion.

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How the closings of two auto plants changed Hamtramck and Detroit's Poletown

Aug 14, 2019
When the Dodge Main plant closed in 1979, local leaders offered GM tax breaks and more land to move in. Now the GM plant is closing, too.
"The Spirit of Detroit" monument sits downtown. In the background is the Renaissance Center, where GM is headquartered.
Tommy Andres/Marketplace

Automatic Reply: "I am unable to reply to your eckeltronic mail"

Aug 14, 2019
Kelly Cowling told the Muggles she's getting a root canal.
Copies of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series sit in a bookstore in Arlington, Virginia.
Alex Wong/Newsmakers

Why this yield curve inversion could be different

Aug 14, 2019
This time around, it may not be telling us that a recession's on the way.
Investors, spooked by economic fears, dumped stocks on Wednesday, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 800 points. Above, the New York Stock Exchange.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Recession could sour the kombucha party at WeWork

Aug 14, 2019
The co-working space identified a downturn as a risk as it readies its IPO.
A WeWork location in Shanghai.
Courtesy of WeWork

More people could qualify for mortgages under new rule

Aug 14, 2019
The Federal Housing Finance Agency this week announced a new rule that will open up competition for which score, or scores, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac use.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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