Wages are outpacing inflation again, but don’t get too excited
Jul 12, 2023

Wages are outpacing inflation again, but don’t get too excited

Plus, we take stock of the recent seismic changes in markets and dig into a new food trend.

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Consumer price data suggests the Federal Reserve has inflation under control. Now comes the hard part.

Jul 12, 2023
The June CPI numbers were pretty good, but more interest rate hikes are likely coming on the way to the central bank's 2% target.
Good June CPI numbers likely won't stop the Fed from more interest rate hikes, said Joe Brusuelas at RSM.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Wages have started to outpace inflation. But let's not get too excited.

Jul 12, 2023
Wage growth beat inflation in May and June for the first time since March 2021. But economists say two months do not a trend make.
In an ideal world, "economists think that workers should get an increase each year in their pay of around 2% to keep pace with inflation, and an additional 1 to 1.5% to keep pace with productivity growth," says Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Are stocks just not gonna do as well anymore?

Jul 12, 2023
Some economists — citing interest rates, taxes and market cycles — think we are entering an era of underperformance.
Some economists believe the stock market's strong performance of recent decades is unsustainable.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

U.S. crude is playing a bigger role in pricing global oil

Jul 12, 2023
The addition of American crude oil to the Brent benchmark had an immediate impact on global oil prices.
Adding plentiful American crude to the Brent benchmark means the price is now influenced by a more stable source, said Eli Tesfaye of RJO Futures.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

This little-known accounting measure is ringing an economic warning bell

Jul 12, 2023
The level of corporate earnings manipulation is similar to that of other pre-recessionary periods, according to the M-Score.
The M-Score was used to flag Enron as having an elevated risk of fraud years before the company filed for bankruptcy.
James Nielsen/Getty Images

The newest viral TikTok trend? Cottage cheese

Jul 12, 2023
Cottage cheese, the curd-filled dairy product of 1970s diet fad fame, is back and trendier than ever.
This newly viral ingredient has been in the dairy aisle for decades.
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