To tweet or not to tweet? Brands mull the question.
Dec 16, 2022

To tweet or not to tweet? Brands mull the question.

Companies are grappling with how, and whether, to use Twitter in the Elon era. Plus, unpacking Jay Powell's image as a "stern father" figure in the Weekly Wrap.

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The Weekly Wrap

Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal talks to Jordyn Holman of the New York Times and Nela Richardson of ADP about the less than stellar retail sale reports as they try to attract consumers and more of this week’s economic news.

Europe steeled itself for high natural gas prices, but now they are falling

Dec 16, 2022
The decrease isn't because Europe is building more pipelines. In fact, you can put much of it down to luck.
Neptune, one of several ships that will serve as a floating storage and regasification unit for Germany, will allow the country to import liquefied natural gas.
Danny Gohlke/AFP via Getty Images

"Avatar" sequel: rebooting the Hollywood-China romance?

Dec 16, 2022
"The Way of Water" debuted in China and the U.S. on Friday amid tense relations between the countries. A simultaneous theatrical release is a big deal.
A marketing poster for "Avatar: The Way of Water" in Shanghai. The movie was released simultaneously in the U.S. and China despite the chilly relations between the two countries.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

No chicken nuggets? How supply chain snags are affecting school lunch.

Dec 16, 2022
Shortages and unavailable goods mean schools can't always serve what's listed on their menus.
This fall, more than half of public schools are still having trouble obtaining the food items they want.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

To tweet or not to tweet? How brands are wrestling with Elon Musk's Twitter

Dec 16, 2022
While many companies like General Mills and General Motors stopped or reduced paid advertising, most are staying on the platform. 
Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

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