The wages vs. inflation horse race
Jul 4, 2024

The wages vs. inflation horse race

The wage horse was slow at first, but it surpassed inflation in the past year. Or did it? Plus, the business of scent and a mobile home rent price discrimination case.

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A closer look at wage measures hints at why consumers still feel gloomy

Jul 4, 2024
Average wage growth has slowed in recent months, though according to the May jobs report, it’s still ahead of inflation.
"While wages have grown across the board, we've actually had the strongest wage growth among the lowest earners," says Valerie Wilson at the Economic Policy Institute.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

There’s a new entrant in the “bill scoring” game

Jul 4, 2024
The newly formed “Budget Lab” at Yale plans to focus on the long-term outcomes of proposed legislation.
You could think of the Congressional Budget Office as referees, who have to follow rules set by Congress, and organizations like The Yale Budget Lab as outside sports analysts.
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The precision agriculture revolution is coming, just slowly

Jul 4, 2024
Since the 1990s, precision agriculture has promised to revolutionize farming, by giving growers granular information about what’s happening with the crops in their fields and new technology to actually put that data to good use. But the new developments in precision ag have yet to fully transform farming.
Electrical engineer Cody Hyman prepares for a test of Impossible Sensing’s prototype soil sensor. The machine is designed to be mounted to the back of a planter and can measure soil composition in real time using a powerful laser.
Eric Schmid/STLPR

Mobile home rent discrimination case raises legal questions in Massachusetts

Jul 3, 2024
The state bans price discrimination at parks. Hometown America argues it should be able to charge new residents more than longtime ones.
Ed and Rose Bartok look at their lilac bush in the front yard of their home at the Miller’s Woods and River Bend manufactured home community in Athol, Massachusetts.
Jesse Costa/WBUR

Charcuterie owner offers a feast for the eyes

Jul 4, 2024
Shandra Turner launched Bougie Grazer in Atlanta after leaving her property management job during the pandemic.
Turner opened the Bougie Grazer "to get off the couch" during the COVID pandemic.
Courtesy Turner

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