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The supply chain may be derailed again
Sep 12, 2022

The supply chain may be derailed again

Today, we'll look at how a potential strike of U.S. freight workers and China's continued lockdowns are complicating the global supply chain's recovery.

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Possible train strike could derail supply chain even more

Sep 12, 2022
A nationwide rail shutdown could cost $2 billion a day, the Association of American Railroads said.
Around half of the goods we import and export touch U.S. railways.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

China's lockdowns continue to disrupt personal lives and the global economy

Sep 12, 2022
"There was a convenience shop owner nearby me who ate nothing but instant noodles for weeks," says Marketplace's Jennifer Pak.
A guard wears protective clothing as he stands next to a barrier fence outside a Beijing apartment under lockdown in June.
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Gun retailers get a unique merchant code that could help flag suspicious sales

Sep 12, 2022
The financial services industry has a long history of spotting indicators of illegal activity in legal transactions.
Introducing a unique merchant code for gun retailers could help the financial services industry spot suspicious activity.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Food banks see a surge in demand as food inflation hits low-income families

Sep 12, 2022
In July, the cost of food at grocery stores was up 13% annually. An Oregon nonprofit is serving nearly twice as many clients as before the pandemic.
People wait in line at a food bank in Oakland, California. High inflation has driven demand at food banks nationwide.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why buy now, pay later might not be such a good idea

Sep 12, 2022
These short-term credit companies are running into questions about their customers' ability to pay them back. Regulators are paying more attention.
"You buy more stuff when you're doing buy now, pay later because it feels like you're spending less money," says Vox reporter Emily Stewart.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

In the customs business, delays are becoming less common

Sep 12, 2022
As congestion eases at some ports, "we know the fixed date of when freight is arriving now," said customs broker Gretchen Blough.
 "Customs kind of takes a special kind of person.," says customs broker Gretchen Blough. “We’re kind of the Ally Sheedy of 'The Breakfast Club.'”
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

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