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The pandemic is affecting states unequally, too

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High-income taxpayers help some states stay above water

by Mitchell Hartman Mar 1, 2021
Overall, state revenue is down 1.9%, but 22 states have higher revenue than a year earlier. Tech and Wall Street have helped.

Texas' largest power co-op files for bankruptcy

by Andy Uhler Mar 1, 2021
Brazos Electric's filing could be an ominous sign as other Texas power providers assess the damage after the extreme weather.

Denver beauty bar was shut by pandemic before it even opened

by Kai Ryssdal and Daisy Palacios Mar 1, 2021
"I could have never predicted that it would be this bad," says Ashlie Ordonez, owner of The Bare Bar.

How could a revamped "bracero"program work?

by Jasmine Garsd Mar 1, 2021
The original program that imported Mexican labor ended in the 1960s due to rights violations. Biden and Lopez Obrador may discuss a similar plan.

Industrial policy: If China does it, why can't we?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Mar 1, 2021
China is generous to its favored companies, and that has, at times, threatened industries elsewhere in the world.

As rent comes due, millions of Americans are already thousands behind

by Samantha Fields Mar 1, 2021
So where's the $25 billion in rental relief approved in the last COVID-19 relief package?

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