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The job market is back at pre-pandemic levels

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The Weekly Wrap

Marketplace host Reema Khrais speaks with Jeanna Smialek at the New York Times and Sudeep Reddy at Politico about the unexpectedly strong labor market and what it means for monetary policymakers at the Federal Reserve.

    Employment's back to pre-pandemic levels with more than 500,000 new jobs added in July

    by Mitchell Hartman Aug 5, 2022
    There were even job gains in construction and finance, which were expected to slow down. Wages grew again too.

    How teen mall hot spot Claire’s went from bankruptcy to IPO filing

    by Reema Khrais and Anais Amin Aug 5, 2022
    The chain has benefited from '90s fashion trends, a good supply chain and looking outside of malls, says Elizabeth Segran of Fast Company.
    My Economy

    Business school felt like a better bet than art, but an adviser encouraged her to take the plunge

    by Reema Khrais and Sarah Leeson Aug 5, 2022
    "I know that art is something that I'm very interested in, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make money doing it," says Devin Tormey.

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