The “great stay”?
Jun 4, 2024

The “great stay”?

Forget the "great resignation," today's employees seem to be staying put at their jobs. Plus, coastal communities brace for hurricane season.

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Steady hiring and quitting rates may be a sign that workers are staying put

Jun 4, 2024
The data suggest the job market could be returning to more normal times after an exceptional period of hiring new employees.
The April JOLTS report is a sign the economy is coming back to a very good job market. It's just not the once-in-a-lifetime market of 2021 and 2022, says economics professor Ethan Struby of Carleton College.
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April factory orders were up, slightly, for third straight month

Jun 4, 2024
The 0.7% increase signals a healthy tone for manufacturing, at least relative to recent weak readings for construction and consumer spending.
Demand for construction and industrial equipment was up about 2% in April from March, boosted by federal infrastructure funding. Above, construction on a semiconductor plant in Texas.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Air travel wasn't always so miserable ... or so cheap

Jun 4, 2024
In half a century we've gone from piano bars and bone china to cramped seats and $20 sandwiches.
Passengers sit in a model of an Air France Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet interior in 1966.
AFP via Getty Images

The rise of the super commuters

Jun 4, 2024
New research out from Stanford finds the number of 40-plus-mile commutes are increasing as many workers only need to travel to work a few days a week. And the share of workers traveling 75 miles or more is up a third since the start of the pandemic.
The share of workers traveling 75 miles or more is up one third since the start of the pandemic.
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Coastal communities brace for impact as hurricane season begins 

Jun 4, 2024
In Houston, one woman is working to make her community more resilient in the face of extreme weather.
Regina Broadway Johnson and her grandson, Josiah Keys, stand inside a new disaster supply shed that will be used to support community members after a natural disaster.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace

E-cargo bikes could be coming to a bike lane near you

Jun 4, 2024
Will these smaller, lower-emissions vehicles compete with trucks in making last-mile deliveries in urban areas?
E-cargo bikes are electric "micromobility" vehicles that can deliver goods to homes.
John Keeble/Getty Images

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