The Federal Reserve’s fork in the road
Jul 3, 2024

The Federal Reserve’s fork in the road

To cut interest rates or not cut interest rates? Plus, Hollywood is back on its anti-piracy soapbox, and rising insurance premiums pinch subsidized housing.

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Federal Reserve, assessing inflation-unemployment link, faces an inflection point

Jul 3, 2024
But some economists say the relationship between inflation and employment is not as black and white as it used to be.
The Fed weighs the relationship between interest rates and employment levels as part of its mandate.
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Bond yields owe a debt to presidential politics

Jul 3, 2024
Yields on the 10-year Treasury note rose after the recent debate on the idea that a Trump election win could boost inflation.
A Republican administration's policies might add to inflation and government debt, said David Kelly of J.P. Morgan Asset Management. But Democrats spend a lot too.
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Fragmented demand means there's not just one beer industry anymore

Jul 3, 2024
It started with the rise of craft beer in the 2010s and has continued with flavored hard seltzers and canned cocktails.
"Beverage alcohol consumers are starting to spread their dollars across alcohol types and categories more than they have in the past," says Matt Gacioch, staff economist with the Brewers Association.
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Hollywood is cracking down on piracy (again)

Jul 3, 2024
As pressure mounts on streaming services to make money, the industry is getting more aggressive about the global problem.
Charles Rivkin, chairman of the Motion Picture Association, making a presentation. The industry group is renewing its legislative efforts on Capitol Hill, says New York Times reporter Brooks Barnes.
David Becker/Getty Images for CinemaCon

Home insurance premiums are surging. That's bad news for low-income housing — and its residents.

Jul 3, 2024
The more low-income housing nonprofits have to pay for insurance, the less they have leftover to build new units to ease the housing shortage.
Nearly a third of affordable housing providers saw premiums spike at least 25% from 2022 to 2023. Climate change has played a role in the rising cost.
Leila Macor/AFP via Getty Images

Remember what “9 to 5” used to look like?

Jul 3, 2024
“Office jobs involved a lot of paperwork,” recalled Stephanie Sharf, who entered the labor force in 1968.
"Our word processing center, it was the model for the movie '9 to 5,'" said Stephanie Sharf. "Jane Fonda actually came into our office and walked around and observed." Above, a screenshot from the documentary “Still Working 9 to 5.”
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