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The difference paid medical leave made for one family
Feb 2, 2022

The difference paid medical leave made for one family

Today, we learn what paid medical leave meant for one family’s financial and mental well-being. Plus, how omicron could distort the jobs report, and what the prices of raw goods tell us about inflation.

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Omicron’s peak coincided with key week for jobs data

Feb 2, 2022
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' "reference week," used to calculate employment, included Jan. 12 — when omicron was at its worst.
Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images

Rising commodity prices suggest more inflation is on the way

Feb 2, 2022
The cost of commodities has gone way up, and spendy raw materials suggest more inflation in 2022.
The rising cost of commodities, like coffee and soybeans, indicate that inflation will stick around.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This microbusiness owner is riding a roller-coaster

Feb 2, 2022
Running a microbusiness in a pandemic economy is tough. Businesses that rely on human interaction have to be creative to survive.
Amelia Freeman-Lynde, who owns Freeman's Creative in North Carolina, has seen many small businesses suffer hard knocks recently. “It's kind of like, pull yourself up or get out of the game,” she said.
Alex Manness/Courtesy Amelia Freeman-Lynde

From Alaska to Washington, one couple’s story of paid family leave

Feb 2, 2022
U.S. federal law requires companies to give workers 12 weeks off a year for family medical situations — unpaid. Whether or not workers get paid leave depends on what state they live in.
Washington is one of 10 states that has paid family medical leave. It made a huge difference for nurse practitioner Julia Mitzel, who was able to tap into it when her husband was undergoing cancer treatment.
Donald Miralle/Getty Images for Rock'n'Roll Marathon

She made Airbnbs across the country her home and office — with her little dog, too

Feb 2, 2022
Remote work allowed young professional Nataliea Abramowitz to sample life in eight states over about eight months.
Nataliea Abramowitz and Olive in Cadiz, Kentucky, a place she likely never would have visited without the option to work remotely.
Courtesy Nataliea Abramowitz

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