Tech companies scramble to aid their Ukrainian workers
Mar 3, 2022

Tech companies scramble to aid their Ukrainian workers

Ukraine has become a tech hub in recent years. Now, companies like Google, Wix and Microsoft are grappling with how to protect employees.

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When risk and uncertainty abound, investors move to government bonds in a "flight to safety"

Mar 3, 2022
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has boosted investor interest in safer bets, particularly debt issued by the U.S. government.
Stefani Reynolds/AFP Getty Images

Job market may break out post-omicron

Mar 3, 2022
The February national employment report, due Friday, is expected to show strong job growth and wage gains.
February's national jobs report is expected to look good, but read it with a grain of salt. Other recent employment reports have been revised upward after their initial releases.
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Tech companies around the world depend on Ukrainian workers. Now they're trying to help them.

Mar 3, 2022
Ukraine has become essential to global tech. Now companies are relocating employees and dealing with disrupted communications.
People wait to board an evacuation train in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital. The Russian invasion is forcing companies that rely on Ukrainian technology services to activate contingency plans.
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Russian businesses in the U.S. face a tough road as the war escalates

Mar 3, 2022
"Because there’s Russian in the name, they think they’re supporting an evil, when we’re not," said one restaurant owner.
People walk by a Russian restaurant in Brooklyn. Russian restaurants in the U.S. have faced poor reviews and canceled reservations following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
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Paid family leave gaining traction, including among small businesses

Mar 3, 2022
Opposition to paid leave has often been rooted in the challenge it poses to businesses. That calculus is changing.
A child runs past signs at a paid leave rally in Brooklyn. A growing number of businesses have shown support for paid family leave during the pandemic.
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for NYC for Paid Leave

Heuristics: a decision-maker's friend in uncertain times

Mar 3, 2022
From cycling in a new city to investing during a war, heuristics can help you make decisions faster.
Economist Mauricio Olivares developed a rule of thumb to help him through London on a bicycle. He says that type of decision-making is useful for navigating uncertain scenarios.
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