Supply chain déjà vu
Aug 2, 2022

Supply chain déjà vu

Current supply chain woes look an awful lot like last year's. Today, we'll take the pulse of the networks that move goods around the globe. Plus, many inundated Kentuckians lack flood insurance.

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"Increases in the crack spread that we've seen recently has been just supply and demand,” explained MIT professor Christopher Knittel.
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The state of the supply chain in 2022? A lot like 2021.

Aug 2, 2022
Uncertainty and high costs continue to worry businesses and exert upward pressure on inflation.
The costs associated with shipping containers surged last year. Although those costs have eased, they remain above historic averages.
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Few homeowners in Kentucky's flooded areas have flood insurance

Aug 2, 2022
Nationwide, only 4 in 100 homes are covered, a FEMA official says. Without it, victims are pretty much on their own.
An aerial view of Jackson, Kentucky, on Thursday. There are only a few hundred flood insurance policies in that part of the state, a FEMA official said.
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How some small businesses are bracing themselves for a downturn

Aug 2, 2022
They aren’t waiting to find out whether the economy is contracting — they’re proactively preparing for it.
Whether closing down a physical storefront or holding off on new hires, some small businesses are prepping for a potential recession.
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