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So … about that relief bill
Oct 9, 2020

So … about that relief bill

Plus: IBM's pivot to the cloud, Yelp's attempts at fighting racism and why some businesses can't seem to hire right now.

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The Weekly Wrap: Relief bill talks are back on

“Marketplace” host Kai Ryssdal talks about stimulus and the state of the economy with Business Insider’s Linette Lopez and Politico’s Sudeep Reddy.

Small businesses are having a hard time hiring, despite high unemployment

Oct 9, 2020
Many furloughed workers are hoping to return to their old jobs.
A waitress folds silverware at a restaurant in Youngstown, Ohio, in September. Small businesses are having trouble hiring even though millions of Americans are out of work.
Megan Jelinger/AFP via Getty Images

Yelp will flag businesses where customers and employees report racism

Oct 9, 2020
The labels could change consumer behavior, but they could also run into a number of problems.
Yelp's new racism label could change consumer behavior, but not necessarily for the better, one expert said.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

IBM evolves yet again ... this time into the cloud

Oct 9, 2020
As an early company song put it, IBM has moved "ever onward," from punch cards to mainframes to software and services. Now it's diving into AI and cloud computing.
IBM Executive Chairman Ginni Rometty delivers a speech at CES 2019 in Las Vega The company is pivoting to cloud services.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Employee Assistance Programs could get more workers mental health care

Oct 9, 2020
The programs have been historically underutilized, but interest has increased during the pandemic.
Bymuratdeniz/Getty Images

How a new shop owner is navigating the pandemic

Oct 9, 2020
After opening her children's clothing store in May, this first-time entrepreneur is seeing a profit. Now if she can just figure out why her customers shop when they do.
Maris Johansson, above, has hired her first employee for her shop, Broomtail, in Denver.
Credit: Joslyn Griffin

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