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When fast-fashion becomes real-time fashion

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A woman smiles and holds up a dress on a hanger.

Expanding Chinese clothing brand Shein prioritizes its web presence. Its "real-time fashion" model enables it to capture opportunities quickly. Antony Jones/Getty Images for Shein

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When economic predictions are wrong

by Marielle Segarra Jul 22, 2021
When we tell you about economic news, we’re always saying things like "numbers were higher (or lower) than expected." How much, then, should we consider economists’ expectations?

Did hiring pick up after states ended extra federal unemployment benefits?

by Kristin Schwab Jul 22, 2021
What business owners are seeing, plus a look at unemployment and job search data.

More health care organizations impose vaccine mandates on workers

by Meghan McCarty Carino Jul 22, 2021
There are obvious benefits to ensuring health care workers are vaccinated, but mandates have costs too.

Rents are rising again, making it hard to find an apartment

by Andy Uhler Jul 22, 2021
Bidding wars to rent? One would-be renter says that's going on in Houston, Texas.

A California fix for rolling blackouts irks neighbors

by Lily Jamali Jul 22, 2021
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently approved a California proposal that prioritizes its own power needs in a crunch.

Is fast fashion catching up to real time?

by Kai Ryssdal and Minju Park Jul 22, 2021
Shein, a fast-growing, China-based clothing brand, relies on a “real-time fashion” model that slashes the time from design to production.

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