SCOTUS curbs regulatory agencies’ powers. Again.
Jun 27, 2024

SCOTUS curbs regulatory agencies’ powers. Again.

This time, the Supreme Court limited the Securities and Exchange Commission's power to enforce financial fraud rules. But the decision could have far-reaching implications.

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Breaking down Fed Chair Jay Powell's latest GDP report analysis

Jun 27, 2024
Powell is paying close attention to "final sales," a narrower measure than GDP itself that focuses on private sector demand.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell is taking aim at final sales following the latest GDP report.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

What the Supreme Court's SEC decision means for the administrative state

Jun 27, 2024
The ruling could minimize federal agencies' power to make and enforce policy.
The Supreme Court is handing down its final rulings of this year's term, many of which are considered major cases.
Andrew Harnik/Getty Images

Continuing claims for jobless benefits reach highest point since 2021

Jun 27, 2024
The uptick seems to reinforce a number of recent signals showing moderation in the labor market.
Rising continuing unemployment claims mesh with other recent data. Job openings have been declining, for instance, and so have quits.
Getty Images

Indie theaters are using repertory films to stay afloat

Jun 27, 2024
“That is really our bread and butter,” said Stephanie Silverman, executive director of the Belcourt in Nashville.
Stephanie Silverman, executive director of the the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee.
Amiee Stubbs for Marketplace

Breakfast restaurant owner plans to expand to new locations

Our scaling up is looking a little different these days,” says Jilan Hall-Johnson, owner of the Sassy Biscuit Co. in Billings, Montana. “Instead of leasing, we’re hoping to buy.”

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