Rural America is an internet desert
Oct 23, 2019

Rural America is an internet desert

Plus: What you need to know about SoftBank (it's not a bank) and what it's like to buy a house for your parents.

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You wouldn't recognize Disney without the work of these women

Oct 23, 2019
A new book details the rise and fall of female animators and storytellers in the early days of Walt Disney Studios.
Portrait of Retta Scott working on Bambi
Ben Worcester

Rural broadband is a problem, and Georgia is mapping it

Oct 23, 2019
In its quest to improve internet access, the state is taking matters into its own hands.
People without internet access at home visit the Lumpkin County Library 24 hours a day to use its fiber-optic broadband connection. At night, they pull up in the parking lot to connect to Wi-Fi.
Emma Hurt/Marketplace

Adventures in Housing: The "dream home" that became a reality

Oct 23, 2019
Laura Hamilton wanted her parents to have a home that they would never have to leave.
Laura Hamilton with per parents, Lyle and Jeanne Olson, near their new home in Culver, Oregon.
Photo courtesy of Laura Hamilton

SoftBank isn't a bank. So what is it?

Oct 23, 2019
SoftBank’s Vision Fund is a major Silicon Valley investor that plows huge sums into startups — some more successful than others.
SoftBank is a Japanese technology and investment conglomerate owned by Masayoshi Son.
Carl Court/Getty Images

The Trump administration wants to end California's cap-and-trade program

Oct 23, 2019
Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: the Trump administration is picking a legal fight with California.
California's cap and trade program aims to lower climate change-causing emissions. Above, smog hovers over Los Angeles in 2002.
David McNew/Getty Images

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