Omicron could keep older workers on the sidelines
Dec 2, 2021

Omicron could keep older workers on the sidelines

We'll also hear why a bartender chose to make a career shift and how a company that injects play into work still does so online.

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How Fed "tapering" can make mortgages more expensive

Dec 2, 2021
It opens the door to interest rate hikes.
Homebuyers have been benefiting from low interest rates. The Federal Reserve's plan to reduce bond purchases may change that.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Why this longtime bartender quit the service industry

Dec 2, 2021
Neil Cairns of Oregon has been on an employment roller coaster the past two years. Now he’s trying something new.
Economists and central bankers abound are watching today's jobs report to get a gauge on inflation.
Photo by Thomas Patterson for Marketplace

A small but crucial part of the supply chain

In a quick preview of an upcoming “Temporarily Unavailable” story, Kai Ryssdal gives us an up-close look at what the term “drayage” means.

How omicron may affect China's ports, a key to the global supply chain

Dec 2, 2021
China's no-tolerance COVID-19 protocols may keep the variant at bay but may slow down shipping again.
If the omicron variant were to cause port shutdowns, they would likely coincide with Lunar New Year closures. Above, workers at a container port in Wuhan, China.
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Omicron worries could keep some workers out of labor force

Dec 2, 2021
There are signs that health concerns, particularly for older Americans, are decreasing interest in being employed or “unretiring.”
Workers over 65 were the fastest-growing segment of the labor force pre-COVID but have retired at an accelerated pace over the last two years.
alvarez via Getty Images

This facilitator uses creativity and play to bring teams together

Dec 2, 2021
Jessica Shaw founded a company that brings play into workplaces to cultivate the human connection.
“We found that games and wordplay were a great way of supporting that sense of people reaching through the screen," said Jessica Shaw, founder of PACT Creative Training.
SDI Productions via Getty Images

How search algorithms shape our visual world

Dec 2, 2021
Stock images are everywhere. What implicit biases are they reinforcing?
iStock’s search results for "hand isolated." Though some token people of color appear, most photos show white people.
Screenshot made in October 2021 by Shoshana Gordon

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