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New year, same pandemic
Dec 31, 2021

New year, same pandemic

Also on today's show: an argument for ethical AI, examining a piece of "must-pass" legislation and the reflections of a parade organizer. 

Segments From this episode

The Weekly Wrap

Marketplace host Kimberly Adams chats with Nela Richardson and Heather Long about the week — and year — that’s been.

President Biden signs defense spending authorization bill into law

Dec 31, 2021
The defense spending authorization bill for fiscal year 2022 is a big increase from previous years. It's also more than the President originally requested. And compared to recent social spending legislation, the bill passed relatively smoothly.
President Joe Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which will provide pay increases and expand paid family leave, into law this week.
Anna Moneymaker via Getty Images

What might consumer spending look like in 2022?

Dec 31, 2021
Retailers are making a calculation about what to put on shelves. And it comes down to supply and demand.
Throughout the pandemic, consumers have shopped quite a bit. It doesn't look like the spread of omicron is going to hamper that.
Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty Images

Aims for smart, ethical AI

From “Marketplace Tech,” Timnit Gebru, founder and executive director of the new Distributed AI Research Institute, talks about her plans and goals for preventing biases from appearing in artificial intelligence.

One parade organizer welcomes their return this holiday season

Dec 31, 2021
Hobie Pileski, co-owner of Argonne Parades, is looking forward to in-person holiday festivities after over a year of putting events on hold.
Hobie Pileski, co-owner of Argonne Parades, said his company hasn't held a full, traditional parade since December 2019.
Courtesy of Hobie Pileski

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