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As Congress weighs whether to authorize military action in Syria, some have asked Secretary of State John Kerry what became of the small arms military aid already promised to Syrian rebels. The short answer? It’s complicated. Also, the ratings agency S&P is accusing the U.S. government of suing it over the financial crisis because it was the only agency to downgrade U.S. debt.

The reality of insurance in fantasy football

The NFL season kicks off in less than 24 hours. For all those fantasy football gamers out there, there's a new game in town: Insurance.
Posted In: fantasy football, football

Where is it? Lawmakers complain aid hasn't made it to Syria

Congress asks Secretary of State John Kerry what became of the military aid promised to Syrian rebels. The short answer? It’s complicated.
Posted In: syria, military aid

Sioux Falls: The economic center of the universe

You've probably had a taste of something made in Sioux Falls, South Dakota -- and you didn't even know it.
Posted In: South Dakota, Agriculture, James Fallows

KitKat: Break me off a piece of that Google Android

Hardly anyone cares what Google calls its operating system’s iterations, but the tech giant still had to license the brand-name candy bar.
Posted In: android, Google, Kit Kat

S&P says U.S. lawsuit is based in bitterness

As the three main credit-rating agencies try to restore their credibility after the financial crisis, we ask: Why is S&P different?
Posted In: financial crisis, debt downgrade, S&P

Teenagers who could sign up for Medicaid, but don't

After a long fight over Obamacare, Michigan will offer expanded Medicaid coverage starting next spring. But will everyone take advantage of the benefit?
Posted In: health care, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, medicaid, teenagers

Candy cane-eating bees make red-tinted honey

Red honey is showing up in beehives around Utah. The source seems to be the bees, feeding off leftovers from a local factory that makes candy canes.
Posted In: bees, honey

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