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In case you haven't heard, a little company known AEG was just put up for sale -- and for a few billion in loose change, it can be yours. We look at who's stepping up to the auction block. Plus, American Airlines is hitting some rough turbulence as it makes its way through bankruptcy reorganization. The company's sending layoff notices to more than 11,000 workers, and union pilots are up in arms over possible union concessions. What does that mean for you? A crazy jump in late and canceled flights. Meanwhile, across the Pacific, Rob Schmitz takes a look at what China's rural poor think about the country's coming elections and, back at home, Freakonomic's Steven Levitt breaks down when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em during online poker.

Apple's new map app... #Fail?

Apple unveiled its new operating system today, and no more Google Maps -- Apple has its own map app now. But reviews for the software have so far been...less than stellar.
Posted In: apple, iOS6, iphone 5

Labor woes worsen at American Airlines

Between disgruntled union workers and thousands of layoffs, yet more American Airlines flights are being cancelled or delayed. Should travelers avoid the bankrupt carrier?
Posted In: American Airlines, layoffs, flight delays

Astrology guides some financial traders

When the moon is in the seventh house, what’s a Wall Street trader to do? Pay some $300 for a financial astrology newsletter -- to go with stock charts.
Posted In: stock market, astrology, trading

Final note: A particularly happy birthday

September 19, 1982 marks the first day someone typed a colon, a dash and a right parentheses and said: "Hey, look at what this looks like sideways."
Posted In: computer, emoticons

Chicago parent relieved her daughter is back in school

The seven days that schools were closed in Chicago felt more like an eternity to parents who had to find childcare during the teacher strike. Kai checks in with Sheila Coleman, whose 12-year-old daughter was actually happy to return to school Wednesday.
Posted In: School, strike, teachers, lost wages

The hidden side of poker

Poker is a game of skill, not luck. But that won't stop you from losing a lot of money. Freakonomics explores the hidden side of poker in the casino and online.
Posted In: poker

AEG, a behind-the-scenes entertainment giant, is for sale

You may not be familiar with AEG, but it's quite likely you've watched one of its teams or attended a concert in one of its arenas. Now, the private company is for sale.
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China on track? The view from the slow train

As China prepares for the first leadership transition in a decade, Marketplace's Rob Schmitz talks to passengers on China's slowest and fastest trains to find out whether they think country is on the right track.
Posted In: China, China's Economy, China's Politics

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