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Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 today; that could mean consumers will see an increase in the price of data plans. More people are taking out longer-term car loans, but this may be a case of one size does not fit all. The killing of Americans in Libya over a YouTube video raises questions about the video site, freedom of speech and corporate ethics. A census study reports that the poverty level in America has stayed the same. Commentator Robert Reich says with the election drawing closer, he’s not sure either candidate for president can revive the job market as people hope. And when the long-term unemployed finally get jobs, are they socially and technologically behind their new colleagues?

Longer loans boost car sales

Cheap credit is boosting car sales. But more buyers are taking loans of up to seven years. Monthly payments are lower; the total cost is higher.
Posted In: car loan, interest payments, auto loans, Money Matters

What's up, Europe? Germany affirms bailouts

A German high court rejected a petition to block Germany's participation in the eurozone rescue fund. What does that mean for Europe going forward?
Posted In: Whats up Europe, Europe debt crisis, Germany

The iPhone 5 joins Apple's ecosystem

After the usual hype and secrecy, Apple unveils a phone -- and another way to lure consumers into its eco-sphere.
Posted In: apple, iphone 5

Indian court case crucial for cancer sufferers

This week, India's Supreme Court hears arguments in a case that will affect how many poor people can afford cancer drugs. Novartis is defending a patent on its cancer medication, Gleevec.
Posted In: India, cancer

Who's got the right plan to boost growth?

Commentator Robert Reich says neither Democrats nor Republicans have a workable idea.
Posted In: Republicans, Democrats, 2012 election

Video controversy and YouTube's bottom line

The recent attacks on and killings of Americans in Libya over a YouTube video raises questions about the video site, freedom of speech and corporate ethics.
Posted In: Libya, YouTube

Why the annual poverty numbers matter

The U.S. Census Bureau released the latest figures on the nation's poverty rates. Nothing much has changed, and that's not a good thing for the economy.
Posted In: poverty

New from Detroit: A designer Chrysler

Car makers have produced special edition models before. Now Chrysler and fashion designer John Varvato team up to add some extra attitude to a model that already has street cred.
Posted In: cars, fashion

Long-term unemployed face changing workplace

Being out of work for a long time is tough. Going back to work after a long absence can be almost as challenging to catch up in today's fast-changing work environment.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment

McDonald's to post calorie counts in all restaurants

Now all customers will know how many calories are in that Big Mac.
Posted In: McDonald's, calorie

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