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Seven masterpieces were stolen from the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam in a pre-dawn heist -- but does art theft pay off? Meanwhile, new housing construction is up. Nike announced its ending its contract with cyclist Lance Armstrong but will continue to support his cancer charity Livestrong. A grocery chain in Northern California that’s the target of a federal audit will soon find out which of its employees are undocumented and could be forced to fire them. Adriene Hill takes a further look into California's Prop 37 and the effect it would have on consumers if passed. And after last night's "binders full of women" comment, we take a look at this election's Internet memes.

Thieves make off with millions of unsellable artwork

In the Netherlands, thieves made off with seven paintings valued at $130 million. But they probably won't make much money from the heist.
Posted In: art, theft, museum

Is there a shadow over the good housing starts report?

The shadow inventory has faded, but some builders say higher costs are looming.
Posted In: housing market, Housing

Latino grocery chain faces immigration audit

"Mi Pueblo" was founded by a Mexican immigrant, and hires mostly Latino workers. Now, the Northern California supermarket is under a federal probe to expose undocumented workers.
Posted In: Immigration, e-verify, Mi Pueblo, supermarket, ICE

Web pounces on Romney 'binders full of women' comment

It took just a few minutes for social media pages built around Mitt Romney's debate comment about having "binders full of women" to materialize. But how do you monetize a meme?
Posted In: debate, memes, Internet

A food fight over the label 'genetically engineered'

A California ballot initiative would require labels on foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients. Food makers and producers of genetically modified seeds say the crops are safe and labels will only frighten consumers.
Posted In: genetically modified food, GMOS, Prop 37

Lance Armstrong's foundation can go on without him

The Lance Armstrong Foundation has rebranded itself as Livestrong, so the cyclist's doping scandal may well have little if any effect on the organization he founded to help cancer patients.
Posted In: Charity, endorsements, lance armstrong, livestrong, Nike

New York Fed target of alleged bomb plot

The FBI has arrested a man after they say he tried to detonate a bomb in a van parked outside the Fed building in Lower Manhattan.
Posted In: New York Federal Reserve, FBI

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